About Us

About Us

With its natural subtropical zone and volcanic soil, Taiwan is an ideal place for growing all kinds of delicious and exotic tropical produce. Taiwan is also famous for its cuisine that is unforgettably scrumptious for both Taiwanese and foreigners alike.

To enjoy these top-quality produce and cuisine that Taiwan has to offer, one does not have to contend with high prices. As a group of food enthusiasts who regularly feast on fine tasting Taiwanese food, we had experienced many difficulties getting high quality Taiwanese food in Singapore at reasonable prices. As such, we have decided to import it into Singapore ourselves at affordable prices. We source from reputable farms and only use reliable logistic partners to bring to you a variety of the best from Taiwan!

How to Order

Ordering from us cannot be simpler! Follow the instructions below and start making your order!

1. Go to https://eshop.dseason.online/ and create your own account by clicking [Login/Sign Up] on the top right corner.

2. Complete your registration by going into [My account] and fill in [Addresses] and [Account details].  

3. Once you have finish setting up your account, head over to [Shop] and you can start adding items into your cart!

4. Complete your order by selecting pick-up location or Delivery. Please see “Pick-up and Delivery” for more details.

5. At the payment page, scan the QR code and make payment. Please follow the instructions given under the QR code for more details.

6. Once payment is complete, go to [My Account] -> [Orders] to see your completed orders. Your orders will also be emailed to you.

Join us in Line chat [愛吃國貨團] at http://line.me/ti/g/APyetDma-_ to get the latest updates on when products will be available for order.

Pick-up and Delivery

Both Pick-up and Delivery normally falls on a Saturday. You may choose to self-collect or pay for your order to be delivered.

To save on delivery charges, you can self-collect by selecting from over a dozen pick-up locations island-wide at the check-out page. Once you have selected a pick-up location, you can join the sub-Line chat group for that location and get to know your Group Host. Your host will be able to answer you any questions on your order, announce the collection time, and will also notify you on upcoming products.

You can find the links to join the sub-Line chat groups under Notes in the the main Line chat [愛吃國貨團].

If you are unable to self-collect, there are two ways for your orders to be delivered to you.

1. Select pick-up and have your orders delivered to your nearest pick-up location. Once your Host notifies you that orders are ready for pick up, use Grab Express to pick up your orders from your Host location.

2. Select delivery at check out. Delivery is a flat fee of $20 per location.

Join us as a Host

If you are interested in becoming a Host yourself, please contact us directly at +65 8023 4148 and we will tell you the benefits for becoming a Host.